Introducing our Stash Mail™️Subscription

You may remember that I announced a subscription box some weeks back. Since that announcement, I’ve taken to the streets conducting surveys to better understand consumer perceptions and get some ideas. 

As a result of these interactions, I got a few eye opening takeaways that have shaped this idea into something a little different than I first envisioned. Here are the things I’ve learned!

  1. People still enjoy getting subscriptions in the mail, but the days of the $35-40 boxes are done. People are content with receiving less fluff and less fancy packaging in exchange for a lower price. 

  2. People were confused as to why I wasn’t making my art the star of the show. They felt like the filler items kept them from realizing that the enamel pin and the stickers were artist made. 😱

  3. The one thing I did get right, people loved the idea of a quarterly release versus a monthly one. However, much to my surprise, they actually preferred that I make it an actual subscription model. They suggested to provide easy pause, skip, and cancel options to keep everyone happy 😊

With this new knowledge in mind, my original idea of a subscription box has evolved into a subscription packet called Stash Mail.

Every 3 months, subscribers will receive one new enamel pin, a sticker pack, and an iron-on embroidered patch, all designed by me. I still wanted to add a little fun, so I will also include one novelty item and one “Thank You” pouch of nostalgic 90s candy as a special treat. I also still wanted cute packaging, so I opted to design custom bubble mailers ☺️

Each packet will also contain a postcard that will double as an art print, with a message from me on the back. There will also be an explainer card with a professional photo of a model wearing the pin on the front, and the pin’s story and a blurb about the model on the back. 

So what do you think of the restructuring?? I think it definitely feels less chaotic than before. It’s weird to realize that I felt I needed to pad the box because I didn’t feel like just my art was enough. Don’t we all feel like that sometimes? 😰 If you have any other ideas to improve on this, I wanna hear them! 🙌🏽

Peace, Love & Deuces ✌🏽
ya boiiiii,  Cassie

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